TMT bar bending machine is widely used in the field of construction and masonry. TMT bar machines will be a better choice in constructing buildings.This machine has found a good sale since it came to the market. It has a lot of competitive advantages, not only because of its reasonable and inexpensive price but also because of its high quality.

Technical Specification

Round Steel Bar Diameter:6-32 mm
HRB335 Ribbed Rteel Diameter:6-28 mm
Diameter of Working Disc: 350 mm

Speed of Working Disc: 5-10r/ min
Motor Power: 3 kw
Gross Weight: 250 kg

The TMT bending machines manufactured by our factories are with high quality and inexpensive price. They can bend TMT bars into different angles between 0 Degree and 180 Degree according to different needs. Besides, our bar benders are with high work capacity; and they are able to bend bars with the diameters from 4 mm to 12 mm. Our company also supplies customized-made bending machines according to clients’ different demands.